Up until recently, many people believed that eating several small meals throughout the day boosted a person’s metabolism. Times have changed, and fitness gurus have started to expose snacking for what it really is: Snacking and nothing more.

That said, just because single-servings every couple of hours may not directly contribute to the boosting of your body’s favorite fat-burning element, it doesn’t mean you should discredit the idea of healthy snacking completely. There are plenty of great reasons to portion out small amounts of mini meals to last you through the day. Here are a few:

Portion Control

It’s not uncommon for people to have difficulty paying attention to their portion control. If you’re a busy person, as most of us are, waiting until dinner time can mean that your body’s waited all day for the nutrients it needs to keep on going. This also means that your mind and body may be disconnected by the time you sit down at the dinner table, causing you to go crazy on full-plate overload.

An average woman needs approximately 2,000 calories per day, and an average man needs about 2500 to maintain a healthy weight. If you’re overeating in the evening or choosing unhealthier options because they’re quicker than a healthier homemade alternative, it may be best for you to spread your caloric intake across all of your waking hours. Small meals can also help curb your appetite so you don’t hit the 3:00pm sugar craving at the hour when humans’ energy is known to crash.

Daily Dose of Nutrients

If you’ve ever tried to fit the entire food pyramid into a single meal, you’re already aware that this isn’t an ideal setup. Instead of packing the whole pyramid onto a single plate, spread your nutritional requirement out so your body gets a little of this and a bit of that throughout the day. Every couple of hours, reach for a food pyramid-friendly flavor that will satisfy your urge to eat and give your body one of its nutritional needs.

Give some of these portable pyramid pleasers a try!