Summer is a great time of year to partakes in exercise, especially in the outdoors! Not only is the weather a lot more inviting, it’s great to get out with people and your pets. It doesn’t matter the reasons why you’re out on those summer days exercising; be it for your healths, trying to get men/women, or just to get out more. Here are five of my favorite outdoor exercises that people all across America love!

1. Summer sports – Playing sports can be a great time, both in terms of socializing and getting a good workout. You could play softball, go on a marathon run, play a rousing game of soccer, etc. It doesn’t really matter which sport you choose, as long as it has some physical activity (so chess doesn’t count!). Find teams on

2. Bike riding – Riding your bicycle is a particularly good idea in summer, specifically due to the fact that gas prices tend to rise during that season. Not only can you save some change, but you can also do a service for the environment. It’s great physical activity, and it does a lot of good to getting you to more places.

3. Hiking – Hiking is a nice group activity, and something that you can do with a friend, your pet, your spouse, your children, family, and even strangers. Not only is this good for your cardio, it’s a great adventure.

4. Group yoga – This isn’t something that is entirely common, but it’s definitely a great thing to do for a multitude of reasons. Starting group yoga had me slightly apprehensive, but over time I made great friendships (and even a happy relationship!) through it. It’s also great to get out in the morning and it’s a great way to stretch your body.

5. Swimming – This is easily the most obvious for summer exercises I think. It’s one of the best exercises a person can do, mainly because you use so much of your body in it. For me, it’s my favorite exercise not just because it’s so good for you, but it’s also one of my favorite things to do to relax myself.