Does the idea of going to the gym make you instantly want to put on your comfy clothes and hide under a pint of Cherry Garcia? If you’re not exactly a gym rat, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the physical fitness into your regular routine without subjecting yourself to undue fitness facility stress.

Here are a few fitness-friendly alternatives to the gym that will help your heart beat with happiness:

Yoga — It’s been a trend for the last decade or so, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Why? Because yoga is a great way to build muscle tone, burn fat, and sweat away your day’s stresses. One of the best elements of this ancient practice is the fact that your mat is a judgment-free zone. First-timers and hardcore yogis can unite in a single space, as instructors will happily provide modifiers to make various poses easier or more difficult. Look for studios with free trials and beginner classes so you can get your yoga toes wet.

Spin — Stationary bikes have long been known as a way to enhance a heartbeat, but today’s spin classes take immobile movement to the next level. With music meant to inspire sweat and a seat all to yourself, spin classes are a great way to get your body moving. Some classes even have video screens to make you feel as though you’re outside with the wind blowing through your hair. Rest assured — nobody in the class cares how you’re doing because they’re all focused on making their own way up their hills.

Pilates — With the help of an instructor, you’ll learn how to use your own body as a tool of resistance. Afraid of judgmental peers? Fear not! You’ll be surprised at how much Pilates work is done on the ground or facing away from others in class.

Zumba — Aerobics of the ’80s were replaced with this fast-paced cardio craft a few years back, and Zumba’s still a favorite of people who aren’t huge fitness lovers. This is a great way to get your blood flowing while simply sweating to a good time.

For an optimal experience, dip in and out of different types of classes so you can get the most out of various types of exercise without becoming bored or overwhelmed from your personal fitness challenge.

If the gym has found its way to your list of Least Desirable Places to Spend an Hour, it’s time to get creative! Share your non-traditional fitness findsĀ in the comment section!