Ready to get healthy? Your mind and body will love you for the efforts you put into your physical health. Some healthy solutions are obvious answers while others may be part of a healthy regimen you hadn’t even considered.

Here are a few elements you should add to your agenda if you’re ready to get back to the basics of fitness:

Hit the Gym. Of course, this is one of the obvious answers, but it’s an essential ingredient nonetheless. You have to get your body moving to keep your heart healthy and burn calories. If a traditional gym doesn’t suit your style, look for a fitness facility that offers group classes and different kinds of cardio and strength-building options.

Fuel Up with Good Foods. Swap out the burger for a brain food like salmon, and switch out the chips for carrot sticks. Your body will be much happier when you adhere to the food pyramid and fuel it with proteins and produce that help it work at its best.

Wet Your Whistle. Proper hydration is one of those elements people don’t always consider when they’re working to get healthier. When water goes to work, it helps your vital organs get rid of toxins and helps carry the aforementioned nutritional goodness to cells throughout your body. Water is also the main ingredient in preventing dehydration, which can put a real damper on your energy and ability to function normally.

Mind Your Mental Health. Good health is a head-to-toe experience. Keeping your mind calm and learning how to deal with stress and emotions are important to maintaining an overall happy and healthy body. Explore activities like yoga, which can help you learn how to be present and rest your thoughts while you embrace positive energy and awaken parts of your body that a traditional gym workout may not have been able to access. Other good mental health options include meditation, therapy, puzzle games, reading, and any other activity you enjoy that makes your mind work in ways beyond your everyday tasks and to-dos.

Your health is important for a happy body and a long, productive life. The more effort you’re able to put into your fitness now, the more rewards your body will give you in the long run. Share your back-to-fitness basics with us on my¬†Facebook page!